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A must-have for any fan of superheroes, comic books and Jewish history and literature.

— Jerusalem Post

“Fascinating, illuminating and highly will never look at Superman in quite the same way.

“A lively and often funny book.”

— Jewish Journal

“I’ve read quite a few books on the history of Superman…Schwartz’s book is right up there with some of the better ones…all Superman fans should add [it] to their collection.”

“Really digs deep into those early days of the comic book industry and brings [them] to life.”


Schwartz approaches the subject with an academic lens and a fan’s passion, with text-parsing that would have impressed the rabbis of the Talmud.

— The Forward

Schwartz demonstrates extraordinary insight in his overview of the intersection of comics, the history of heroes and heroines, theological knowledge, and pop culture...[and] imparts the information with humor, focus...and an uncanny ability to join the concepts in an accessible, entertaining, and enlightening way.

— Times Beacon Record

A magnificent book.

— First Comics News

“Schwartz is a brilliant scholar…a thorough and meaningful scholarship about Jewish history, world history and the history of comics.”

“A remarkable book…if you care about comics, if you care about Jewish history, and if you like to think about things in a weird way, this book is a delight.”

— The Times of Israel Daily Briefing 

“Utilize[s] Superman as a jumping off point for numerous interesting discussions...the kind of book that will be adored by fans of Comic-Con.”

“Plunge[s] deeply into Torah and Talmudic learning while never leaving popular culture too far behind.”

— San Diego Jewish World

“Roy Schwartz’s new book…shines.”

— Jewish Telegraph (UK)

“Beautifully written and consummately researched…highly recommend for both comics fans and casual readers alike.”

— Reel Roy Reviews

“Both a fun and scholarly read.”

— Reviews by Amos Lassen

I am floored by this deep and beautiful examination of history, liturgy, and culture. If you believe in comics as the holders of miracle, myth, and mystery, this is the book for you.

— Mayim Bialik, actress, author, neuroscientist

Many have argued whether Superman embodies a Moses or Jesus figure. In Is Superman Circumcised? Roy Schwartz deftly gives a comprehensive tour through the Man of Steel’s life and times…and allows us to come to our own conclusions. No rock is left unsmitten as Schwartz skillfully presents the arguments for all sides of the great debate.

— Danny Fingeroth, former group editor of Spider-Man publications at Marvel Comics, author of A Marvelous Life: The Amazing Story of Stan Lee

A deep dive into the history, mythology and cultural folklore of America’s super-heroes…scholarly yet broadly entertaining.

— Michael Uslan, comic book historian, originator and executive producer of the Batman movie franchise



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The Darknss in Lee's Closet #1 Amazon bestseller



"a thrill ride full of frights and frolics"

"perfect for middle school readers"


"[a] dark masterpiece."

"Schwartz crafts a world of fantasy that a child of any age can immerse themself in."

"the book...finds a way to delight young readers and even make them laugh through the darkness."


"[a] message of courage, friendship, love and perseverance."


"share something more fun and cooler with your kids."