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Lee just wants her dad back. But the land of the dead is a dangerous place.

When her father dies, Lee’s life is torn apart. The only comfort she finds is in the complete darkness of her closet, where she sleeps at night.


When she discovers the darkness leads to the afterlife, she hatches a plan—to find her dad and bring him back home.

With the help of four very talkative, very dead companions she finds trapped in the darkness, she sets off on a quest through the afterworlds.

But a little live girl does not belong there. Lee will have to face frightening dangers and use all her courage and cunning if she wishes to save her father, her friends, and herself.

The Darkness in Lee's Closet and the Others Waiting There

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Amazon #1 New Release: Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy Books, Sep. 4–18, 2018

The Darknss in Lee's Closet #1 Amazon bestseller

Amazon #1 New Release: Children’s Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books, Sep. 4–18, 2018


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Nominee, 2018 TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Book Awards

TCK Publishing

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“A thrill ride full of frights and frolics.”

“Perfect for middle school readers.”

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“A journey through life, love, family, friendship, and heart. Although the subject matter is sometimes serious and quite poignant, there are laughs to be had in this fantastical story. Elements of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Secret Garden combine with a fun ensemble cast akin to The Wizard of Oz or Alice Through the Looking Glass. A good choice for independent readers, this could also be a slightly spooky and thoroughly satisfying selection for a family read-aloud.”

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“[A] dark masterpiece.”
Schwartz crafts a world of fantasy that a child of any age can immerse themselves in.”
“The book...finds a way to delight young readers and even make them laugh through the darkness.”

Long Islander News

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“[A] message of courage, friendship, love and perseverance.”

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“Share something more fun and cooler with your kids.”

Hey Do You blog

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