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Roy is the author of Is Superman Circumcised? The Complete Jewish History of the World's Greatest Hero and The Darkness in Lee's Closet and the Others Waiting There.

Is Superman Circumcised? won the 2021 international Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year.

Roy has written for a wide range of publications, including New York Daily News, Jerusalem Post and Philosophy Now. He currently writes about pop culture for The Forward and

His professional writing is similarly diverse, including educational organizations, law firms, tech companies, toy companies and production studios.

Roy has taught English and writing at the City University of New York and is a former writer-in-residence fellow at the New York Public Library.

He graduated magna cum laude from the New School University with a BA in English, majoring in creative writing with a minor in journalism, and cum laude from NYU with an interdisciplinary MA in English and social thought, focusing on 19th century British and 20th century American literature. He interned for Marvel Comics.

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Roy grew up a voracious reader of everything from Israeli novels to British plays to American comic books. He taught himself English from comics and cartoons, which is why he's comfortable saying things like "swell."

Roy lives in Long Island, NY with his wife Kim, a bestselling author and editor, and their two children. He has a penchant for caffeine, candy and a quality-over-quantity wardrobe.

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Roy Schwartz

Author, writer, journalist, world traveler.

Takes fun seriously and makes
fun of seriousness.
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